Kenston Farms Seafood Variety Pack

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Introducing the Kenston Seafood Variety Case, a delightful assortment of premium seafood that will elevate your dining experience to new heights. This exclusive selection brings together a delectable array of ocean treasures, handpicked to cater to your culinary cravings and seafood preferences.

Included in the Kenston Seafood Variety Case, you'll discover:

  1. Blackened Salmon (x2 16oz):
    Savor the bold and savory flavors of our blackened salmon, perfectly seasoned for a culinary adventure.
  2. Catfish (2.0 Lb) : Dive into the tender and flaky goodness of our catfish, delivering a taste of the waters with every bite.
  3. Fully-Cooked Whole Lobster (x2 14 oz): Indulge in the luxury of our fully-cooked whole lobster, meticulously prepared for a delightful feast.
  4. Raw Shell on Shrimp (2.0 Lb) Enjoy Delicious Shrimp ready to be prepped and cooked YOUR way!
  5. Eazy Peel Shrimp (2.0 Lb): Enjoy the convenience of our Eazy Peel shrimp, making every shrimp dish a breeze to prepare and enjoy.
  6. Battered Tempura Shrimp (2.0 Lb): Experience the perfect crunch and succulence of our battered tempura shrimp, a delightful treat for seafood enthusiasts.

Each product in the Kenston Seafood Variety Case is carefully sourced and handled with the highest standards, ensuring exceptional taste and quality for all your seafood culinary endeavors. Embrace the ocean's bounty with this extraordinary bundle and relish the flavors of our premium seafood selection.

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