Kenston Farms Pork Variety Case.

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Introducing the Pork Variety Case from Kenston Farms, a delectable assortment of premium pork cuts that will take your culinary experience to the next level. This exclusive selection brings together a delightful array of flavorful pork favorites, each carefully chosen to satisfy your palate and elevate your cooking endeavors.

Included in the Pork Variety Case, you'll discover six boxes, each containing a unique pork delight:

  1. Italian Sausage (3 LBS) : Savor the authentic flavors of our Italian sausage, crafted with the perfect blend of spices to add a burst of taste to your meals.

  2. Pork Loins (X5 8-10 oz) : Indulge in the tender and succulent goodness of our pork loins, versatile cuts that lend themselves to a variety of delicious preparations.

  3. Bone-In Plain Pork Chops (X8 6oz) : Enjoy the classic and mouthwatering taste of our bone-in plain pork chops, a timeless favorite for all pork enthusiasts.

  4. Southwest Mesquite Bone-In Chops (X8 6oz) : Embark on a flavor journey with our Southwest mesquite bone-in chops, infused with bold and smoky southwestern tastes.

  5. Southwest Mesquite Roast (X2 1.5 LB) : Delight in the rich flavors of our Southwest mesquite roast, a centerpiece for a delightful family feast.

  6. Country Style Ribs(X8 6oz) : Experience the hearty and tender texture of our country style ribs, perfect for comforting and satisfying meals.

Each product in the Pork Variety Case is meticulously sourced and prepared with the highest standards, ensuring the finest taste and quality for your culinary pleasure. Embrace the savory world of pork with this exceptional bundle and elevate your cooking game with our premium pork selection.

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